Triathlon suits to promote your preferred charity

Faced with a lack of branded sportswear to promote the charities I support I decided to approach a number of Cancer Charities to be able to produce my own – hence Brand Swim Bike Run

We produce high quality triathlon and ironman suits with charity brand and space to include your own name.

We have already supported athletes raising money for Cancer Research UK with Tri-suits for the 2012 London Virgin Triathlon, and are currently developing 1 & 2 piece Tri-suits for other Cancer Charities and Cycling sportswear for others, including Dogs for the Disabled, but aim to expand the choice to other charities, as initial interest has come from many great athletes competing for wonderful causes.

We endeavour to work with the relevant Charities so that the suits are fully endorsed by the Charity and carry their official logo.  After cost deductions, we then contribute funds equating to approx 10%, which go directly to the relevant charity so that you can contribute to the charity before you even start running!

PAUL NASH – Weekend Triathlete & Serial Charity Fundraiser


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